Parents release video of missing Madeleine

CLASPING her smart pink Barbie rucksack, Madeleine McCann excitedly clambers up the steps to the aircraft.

Holding hands with another little girl, she loses her footing and slips, grazing her shin on the third step.

But although she cut herself, she stops crying after only a few seconds - too busy looking forward to her holiday to stay upset for long.

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Yesterday, her parents released two video clips of Madeleine, now four, captured on a family friend's mobile phone.

Kate McCann has watched them regularly since Madeleine disappeared on 3 May because they are last moving pictures taken of her daughter.

One clip - 13 seconds long - shows her sitting on an airport bus, the other - nine seconds - is of her boarding the flight.

The McCann family - Gerry, Kate, Madeleine and two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie - were in a group of ten going to the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.

Yesterday, Mr and Mrs McCann visited the beach there to look at an 800sqft inflatable billboard with Madeleine's face on it. The poster was put up by Chris Lennox from Prestwick, Ayrshire, and Les Harley, from Irvine, who travelled to the Algarve to help raise the profile of the case.