One in four internet shoppers going mobile

Almost one in four retail searches on Christmas Day were made using mobile devices. Photo: AFP/Getty
Almost one in four retail searches on Christmas Day were made using mobile devices. Photo: AFP/Getty
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Almost one in four retail searches online on Christmas Day were made using mobile phones or tablet devices, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

The organisation said there had been significant growth in the technology being used for purchases compared to a year ago, with online sales generally also getting a boost.

Year-on-year retail search volumes on mobile and tablet devices went up 169 per cent, compared with a 24 per cent increase on computers. In some sectors, the difference was even greater. Computer searches for homewares were up 16 per cent, but up 189 per cent on mobiles.

The figures, compiled with search engine Google, also found emerging overseas markets looking online for British-based options. Searches, on mobile phones and computers, from Russia were up 73 per cent, while India was up 69 per cent and Brazil 63 per cent.

Developing economies were also up, with a staggering 1,245 per cent increase from Pakistan year-on-year.

Stephen Robertson, director general, British Retail Consortium, said retailers are increasingly turning to the online world to grow their businesses.

He said: “For a fourth successive quarter, the number of retail searches from smartphones and tablets has nearly trebled compared with the previous year.

“During December, one in five retail searches came from a mobile device and on Christmas Day this increased to more than one in four.

“Hard-pressed consumers are searching more for bargains and using technology to seek out the best offers.

“The significant growth in searches from countries such as Brazil and Russia shows the opportunities presented by emerging economies.”

The top items searched for online were other pieces of technology, such as iPads, Kindles and games platforms, and distinctively British clothing, such as Wellington boots and jackets.