No tiger in Tam's tank – just a bunny under the bonnet

WHEN politician Tam Dalyell collected his car from a garage he was in for a surprise.

For rather than learning the battery was flat or spark plugs faulty, staff revealed a rabbit had been living in his Rover.

Mechanics discovered the bunny in the bonnet of the car when they put it on a ramp to carry out an MoT.

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After removing a panel underneath, Eoin Keenan, of Riddell's Garage in Bo'ness, noticed nuts and seeds.

And when he shone a torch in the hole he saw two eyes starring back at him. Then the bunny jumped out and hopped off.

The retired Labour MP for Linlithgow said he had seen a rabbit running around the car just days before.

"It never occurred to me it had taken up residence there."