Michael Moore sets out vision for Scots trade

SCOTLAND will retain its strong position in the “massively intimidating” international markets if it remains part of the UK, according to the Scottish Secretary Michael Moore.

UK government agencies are promoting the interests of Scotland’s 5 million citizens every week in large countries like Brazil, Mr Moore said before visiting Rio de Janeiro.

Mr Moore will meet figures from the Brazilian government and oil industry as lead minister in the UK Government’s Trade and Investment (UKTI) Energy Showcase next week.

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He is also leading the UK government’s fight against Scottish independence.

UKTI is a prime example of how Scotland can harness the UK’s international reach and influence to open doors for 
Scottish companies, Mr Moore said.

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“Brazil is a vitally important market that the UK government is investing a great deal of time and resources in,” he said.

“When you go to a country with more than 190 million people, such as Brazil, you see at first-hand how Scotland benefits from being part of the overall UK effort. There are massive opportunities for Scotland, but it can also be massively intimidating,” he added.