Kent woman finds strawberry shaped like penis

FOR MOST people, picking fruit is a relatively unsurprising pastime, but one woman was shocked to discover a strawberry shaped like a penis.

Carole plans to put the strawberry up as a raffle prize. Picture: Hemedia

Carole Collen, of Dartford in Kent, came across the x-rated fruit in her garden, and took the saucy berry inside to show her family, before snapping the strawberry and sending the pictures to her friends.

The mother-of-two recalled how she burst out laughing when she found the fruit, saying: “When I saw it I just thought ‘Oh my God.’

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“It immediately reminded me of a man’s bits and I just had to take a photo.”

The phallic fruit. Picture: Hemedia

Carole, 52, explained that she initially believed a snail must have eaten into the fruit, adding: “But it hasn’t - it’s all natural.”

“It’s funny how a strawberry can grow like that, and my family couldn’t stop laughing.”

Carole added: “I did think it was a bit small. It would be nice if it grew a bit bigger.”

The professional housekeeper plans to keep the strawberry in the fridge for a charity raffle - a far cry from the Brazilian gardener who, in 2011, was charging visitors $9 for pictures and $12 for video footage of her penis-shaped passion fruits.