Justin Bieber snaps at photographer after ‘rough week’

POP superstar Justin Bieber said he was only human after he snapped and lashed out at a photographer, rounding off a “rough week”.

The 19-year-old Canadian singer’s latest upset came hours after a health scare forced him to leave the stage.

He burst out of a vehicle and lunged at the photographer, but was restrained by minders in an incident which was captured by a film cameraman.

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Bieber explained in a series of messages on Twitter shortly after the outburst – in which he shouted obscenities on a London street – that his adrenaline was high and that he “let the paps [paparazzi] get the best of me”.

He had been hustled into a vehicle by his team after leaving his central London hotel, but he leapt from the van, making threatening comments.