Hugh Grant backing Danny Alexander in election

HUGH Grant has entered the election fray, urging people to vote for Danny Alexander in Inverness.

Hugh Grant has called on the people of Inverness to re-elect Danny Alexander. Picture: PA
Hugh Grant has called on the people of Inverness to re-elect Danny Alexander. Picture: PA

The Hollywood star posted an “opinion” to his followers on Twitter.

He wrote: “Dear People of Inverness (incl my friends and relations), I know Danny Alexander and think you’re very lucky to have him. Just an opinion.”

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Chief Secretary to the Treasury Mr Alexander, who is fighting to save his Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey seat, replied: “Thanks Hugh, very much appreciated.”

Recent polls have suggested he will not succeed in his quest to be returned to the Commons.

Research by Lord Ashcroft, conducted at the beginning of the year, indicated he could lose his seat by 29 points.

Meanwhile, a constituency-by-constituency analysis by psephologist Lewis Baston for Westbourne Communications, published yesterday, predicted the Liberal Democrat will lose his seat.

Nick Clegg has urged voters across Scotland to put aside traditional party allegiances to support his colleagues in seats where the Lib Dems are facing an SNP challenge.

But Danny Alexander faces losing his seat, according to poll predictions. Picture: John Devlin

Mr Alexander and Grant were pictured together at the 2012 Liberal Democrat conference.

The Notting Hill and Love Actually star was one of a number of celebrities Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg met during the Hacked Off campaign.

In 2013, Mr Alexander co-led a Privy Council sub-committee looking into the PressBof charter, submitted as a rival to the Government’s proposals for press regulation.

It was rejected on the grounds it did not comply with “some important Leveson principles and government policy”, according to then culture secretary Maria Miller, who was also on the committee.