Holiday effect lasts six weeks, finds poll

People feel the need for another holiday just six weeks after their last one, claims the company behind a survey.

The figure was the average time taken from a poll of 1,714 adults by online travel agent

Pressures of work and stress of family life were the main reasons given for wanting another break so soon.

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Of those needing to get away again, 11 per cent cited weather as the main reason.

Nearly three in four of those polled said a foreign holiday was essential or very important, while 9 per cent said they could take or leave a trip overseas, and 3 per cent said they did not need a break. co-founder Chris Clarkson said: “There are many people who feel a constant need for a holiday, no matter if they’d just returned from a fortnight in the Caribbean or if they’d not had a trip abroad for ten years.”