Harman brands Galloway comments ‘outrageous’

THE controversial Respect MP George Galloway has been 
accused of “providing cover” for sex offenders in a ferocious 
attack by Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman.

The Bradford West MP was described as “disgraceful” and “outrageous” by Ms Harman for his comments about a rape allegation made by a woman in Sweden against the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Mr Galloway, the former Labour MP for Glasgow Kelvin, made a YouTube video where he suggested the woman had not been raped, arguing instead that it was no more than “bad sexual 
etiquette”. Assange has also been accused of sexual assault by a second woman in Sweden.

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While Mr Galloway clarified his comments later saying “no never means yes”, it was too late to avoid being sacked by Holyrood Magazine as a columnist.

And in a stinging attack ahead of a visit to Edinburgh, Ms Harman said: “I think what he has done is unforgiveable.”

She added that his comments were “part of a misogynist tradition”. Ms Harman said the Assange case deserved to be tested in the Swedish courts and added that Mr Galloway’s comments would have repercussions by putting off victims of rape from coming forward.

She added: “He has provided cover for offenders. It really is quite outrageous.”