Former Ukip candidate sets up open borders party

A would-be MP who stood for Ukip in May has started up his own single-issue political party – calling for the UK to throw open its borders.

Would-be MP Harjinder Singh. Picture: PA
Would-be MP Harjinder Singh. Picture: PA

Harjinder Singh attracted public and media interest during the last general election campaign after spending 13 hours a day waving at cars on a busy traffic junction.

At the time, he was standing as Ukip’s parliamentary candidate for the safe Labour seat of Birmingham Perry Barr.

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However, days after losing out to veteran Labour politician Khalid Mahmood, he set aside the party’s purple colours – citing political differences.

The 38-year-old former Conservative activist said he had joined Ukip because it was the only group offering withdrawal from the European Union and admitted he had been “a little bit naive” about its other policies.

He has now set up Open Borders Party, campaigning to open the UK’s doors to anyone without a criminal record or a contagious disease – so long as they pay an entry fee, and higher taxes.

Mr Singh, who joined Ukip in 2014, said: “There’s no perfect political party.

“I was a little bit naive with regard to some of their [Ukip’s] other policies, as they’ve bolted some on, and those don’t represent me.”