Emma Thompson: Britain is a ‘cake-filled misery-laden grey old island’

Emma Thompson. Picture: PA
Emma Thompson. Picture: PA
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Movie star Emma Thompson has faced a backlash after warning it would be “madness” for the UK to vote to leave the European Union.

The Love Actually actress warned that a vote for an exit from the EU was a “crazy idea” and delivered a bizarre tribute to Britain as a “cake-filled” and “misery-laden” island.

Tory MP Stewart Jackson dismissed Thompson’s comments, branding her an “overpaid, leftie luvvie” while fellow Conservative Eurosceptic Steve Baker accused her of “doing our country down”.

Thompson made the comments while promoting new film Alone In Berlin at a press conference in the German capital on Monday.

She described living in “a tiny little cloud-bolted, rainy corner of sort-of Europe ... a cake-filled misery-laden grey old island”.

Asked how she would vote in the upcoming referendum, she said: “I feel European even though I live in Great Britain, and in Scotland as well.

“So of course I’m going to vote to stay in Europe. Are you kidding? Oh my God, of course. It would be madness not to. It’s a crazy idea not to. We should be taking down borders, not putting them up.”