David Cameron hails new deal as Scotland Bill becomes law

The Scotland Bill which hands sweeping new powers over tax and welfare to MSPs received Royal Assent last night and has now become law.

David Cameron praised the new Scotland Act. Picture: Getty Images

It completed its Parliamentary stages yesterday evening and Lindsay Hoyle, deputy speaker of the House of Commons, later announced that it had received Royal Assent.

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The bill hands Holyrood the ability to set income tax rates and bands, control over a significant part of the welfare system, including the ability to top up welfare benefits and create new payments. and control over air passenger duty.

Prime Minister David Cameron said last night: “The Scotland Act will deliver a powerhouse parliament for Scotland and enable us to meet our commitment to make Holyrood one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world. We can now move on from questions about process and May’s Scottish Parliamentary elections can be fought on the issues which really matter: how the Scottish Government should use its extensive new powers for the benefit of the people of Scotland.”