Collymore hit with sex video sale ban

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ULRIKA JONSSON today won a court order banning ex-lover Stan Collymore from selling an explicit video of the pair indulging in sexual activity.

The former football star was told he cannot sell video footage, stills or photographs showing Jonsson naked or having sex with him and must hand over all his material to her lawyers.

The video, said to have been made on holiday in Jamaica, shows explicit scenes of the two making love.

Former Liverpool striker Collymore, whom Jonsson dumped after he beat her up in a Paris bar during the 1998 World Cup, was said to have offered the video for sale.

His lawyer, Jonathan Crystal, was reported to be seeking offers for the explicit footage.

A statement from Jonsson’s lawyers said: “We note from press reports that it is said that certain material – principally a video recording but possibly other material – has been offered to various newspapers with a view to publication concerning our client.

“The reports indicate that the material, which is obviously private and confidential in nature, was being offered by a representative of Mr Stan Collymore.

“Our client is extremely relieved and pleased to note that the press have, commendably, declined to purchase or publish such material for which our client is very grateful.”

The News Of The World declined to buy the video after it was offered to them by Mr Crystal, who said: “Stan has always kept the tape back as his get-out-of-jail card.”

Jonsson called Collymore a “monster” after his violent assault on her in a bar full of Scotland fans. His lawyer offered the video two days after the first extract from her serialised autobiography appeared. He told the News Of The World: “There’ll be plenty of her, and no doubt behaving fairly disgustingly. This is a consensual video that they made for themselves.

“My guess is to see Ulrika Jonsson cavorting about naked – doing various sexual things to herself – might have massive voyeuristic interest.”

The lawyer said the video flatly contradicted her description of Collymore as a monster. He added: “For the video, it’s got to be a lot of money. The revenue can be absolutely massive.”

In her book, Jonsson, 35, told how the couple conducted a romance which quickly deteriorated with the footballer shouting abuse at her. But she still went on holiday with him, an experience she called “truly the worst of my life”.

It was shortly after that holiday-that the notorious assault happened. However, Collymore said last week: “I am disgusted at the inaccuracies and misportrayal of the relationship as a whole and the events prior to and during the now-infamous trip to Paris.

“I believe I have taken full responsibility for my actions and paid for them fully.”

But in an interview last year Collymore blamed the Tartan Army for his brutal attack on Jonsson at the France 98 World Cup.

The ex-England striker claimed he punched his then girlfriend in the face because he was jealous she was partying with Scots fans before the opening match against Brazil.

He lashed out in violent fury when the Swede chose to stay in a Paris bar pulling pints for fans, fellow TV host Ally McCoist and BBC Scotland staff rather than dine alone with him.

The couple, who had been together for 18 months, split up the next day.