Cat owner to market ‘cat-nav’ pet tracking device

A CAT owner has developed a tracking device which enables owners to map the exact whereabouts of their pet.

Dave Evans created the device, known as the ‘cat-nav’, as he wanted to know where his cat Yollo was travelling to and why he was gaining weight.

He is now marketing the product as G-Paws, and curious pet owners will be able to purchase the gadget for £50.

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The device weighs just half an ounce and is attached to the pet’s collar. When the animal returns, owners can download information stored on the device to a website, where they will be able to see exactly what their pet has been up to via a series of Google Earth satellite images.

Mr Evans said: “The tracker will provide answers for other cat owners - if Tiddles is playing away or where he goes when he’s out on the tiles.

“It can be equally used for dogs - for example to see how much exercise they get.”

“At last we will know what they get up to, what ‘second homes’ they have, how far they travel and where their favourite hangouts are.”

Evans is now working on developing a social networking site to work with G-Paws. He says it will enable users to see where their pets have been, share photos, videos and other information.