Campaigners take the plunge over Asda’s ‘shameful’ offers

THE launch of a £27 million Asda store was marked yesterday by a protest from farmers angry about milk prices.

Nairn dairy farmer Steve Innes claimed bosses at the supermarket giant should “hang their heads in shame” as they opened Asda’s first store in Inverness.

His wife Maureen and cousin Suzanne Munro sat in a bath of milk, which they claimed was cheaper to fill with milk than water, while 50 fellow protesters marched with placards as customers waiting for the store’s doors to open.

One placard stated: “Asda value water higher than milk”.

Another said: “Discount milk today, import milk tomorrow”.

One protester said: “Asda price, not nice”.

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The supermarket put on a special offer yesterday on their milk – a four-pint carton for £1 – which disgusted the protesters.

Placards read: “Four pints for a pound, pull the udder one.”

Mr Innes said: “Dairy farmers whose milk goes to Asda are losing £300 per cow a year.

“While most of the leading supermarkets are now matching the cost of production for farmers, Asda are still burying their head in the sand.

“And to take 18p off a four-pint carton of milk as part of their advertising campaign is a disgrace.”

An Asda spokeswoman said: “We have listened closely to the concerns of our farmers and understand the financial pressures they are facing. But we have to listen to customers, who are also facing financial pressures.”