Brazil to send its own team to investigate terror slaying

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TWO Brazilian investigators are to travel to Britain next week to mount their own inquiry into the fatal shooting of an electrician mistaken for a suicide bomber.

The government officials will be briefed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which is investigating the killing of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, and the Metropolitan Police.

The pair were invited to London by the IPCC in response to a request from the Brazilian government, which has expressed concern over the shooting.

The row over the death of Mr Menezes, 27, yesterday showed no sign of abating, with fresh calls for the resignation of Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police commissioner.

Alessandro Pereira, a cousin of the dead man, said Sir Ian should go for letting his family "suffer" for three weeks, and demanded that the officers responsible for the shooting "face justice". Yasmin Khan, another member of the Justice4Jean campaign, compared the police operation to an episode of Laurel and Hardy.

Mr Pereira accused Sir Ian of telling lies about the death of his cousin, who was shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder the day after the failed bomb attacks in London last month

"They have killed Jean and then told lies. They must face justice, we want to see them prosecuted," he said.

"My family want the truth. For the sake of my family, for the sake of the people of London, in Jean's name, I say that those responsible should resign."

Mr Pereira said the lies told about his cousin included claims that he was a suspected terrorist, that he looked like a suicide bomber, that he was wearing a big jacket and that he ran from police.

"The police even went to Brazil and met my family, yet they still didn't tell us the truth. Did they think because we are poor Brazilians we do not deserve the truth? If that was Ian Blair's son, would he not want the truth?"

However, Sir Ian insisted he had no intention of quitting, and rejected claims of attempted over-ups.

Attempting to turn attention back to the investigation into the London bomb attacks, he revealed that the two terror cells may have been linked through their training.

He said it appeared the two gangs may have followed the same "set of instructions" and that the similarities in their methodologies suggested there could still be another cell waiting to strike.