19 MPs’ credit cards blocked for invalid spending

WESTMINSTER bosses suspended the official credit cards of senior Tory politician Iain Duncan Smith and 18 other MPs, including three Scottish MPs, in the last Parliament after they faced claims of invalid spending.

Former MP Eric Joyce was among those to have their cards blocked. Picture: PA

Disgraced former Falkirk MP Eric Joyce, who assaulted a Tory politician in a Commons bar, had his card blocked when he owed £12,919.61, and later had his salary docked.

Labour’s Pamela Nash, who lost her Airdrie and Shotts seat to the SNP on 7 May, also had her card stopped when she owed £6,929.29, while Liberal Democrat Mike Crockart, who was defeated in Edinburgh West had £720.64 in debt when his was suspended.

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Work and Pensions Secretary Mr Smith had his card suspended after running up more than £1,000 in expenses debts and was among more then a dozen MPs subject to action by the Commons watchdog after failing to show the spending was valid.

Iain Duncan Smith is among 19 MPs who had their official credit card suspended for invalid use in the last Parliament. Picture: Getty Images

Details of the credit card spending by MPS was released under Freedom of Information (FOI) laws.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) issues MPs with credit cards for to pay for items such as travel and accommodation.

MPs then have to prove the spending was genuine by the end of the month, or they build up debts to the watchdog.

According to the FOI response, Ipsa has suspended the cards of 19 MPs since the beginning of this year because they have not settled outstanding sums.

The debts were then recouped by not paying out valid claims filed by the politicians.