10 Jeremy Hunt observations on Scottish politics

Jeremy Hunt is challenging Boris Johnson to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Jeremy Hunt is in the running to become the next Conservative leader
Jeremy Hunt is in the running to become the next Conservative leader

The Conservative MP may not enjoy as high a profile as Mr Johnson, but he has none the less served as a cabinet minister for the past nine years. Here we look back at 10 insights he’s offered on Scottish politics.

"I've got Welsh blood, Irish blood and spent two happy years of my childhood in Scotland. I will never allow our union to be broken up"

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"The more I see Nicola Sturgeon, the more I am reminded of how much she has in common with Jeremy Corbyn. Both gripped by ideology"
A referendum is not what the people of Scotland want. What theyre saying is that they dont want the divisiveness that sets friends against friends, family against family  they dont want that"
"Send the wrong person to Brussels, there will be no negotiations or no Brexit. And that would be a disaster for the fishing industry, because leaving the EU is the biggest opportunity for the fishing industry in 40 years"
"Conservative party members I know are absolutely passionate about our precious Union. What they are is incredibly frustrated that we have havent delivered Brexit"
Ive got the fondest memories of going with my great aunt to the sweet shops in Aberdeen when I was seven years old"
"I want to use the economic engine of the UK government to drive support for the Union. The SNP can and will be halted in their tracks"
I know how tough it can be to get a company going. Nicola doesnt and it shows in the way she treats the Scottish business community. So my argument isnt just about the union. Its about her war on business"
The car park tax is naive. Its a tax on workers that hits poorer people more than it hits the wealthy. If you back business, you create opportunities for everyone and generate more money for public services"
"I want a Brexit that works for people in Culloden as well as Canary Wharf, in Swansea as well as Surrey".