Army could stay in Germany to counter Russian aggression

The head of the British Army has paved the way for a potential U-turn on the decision to pull back troops from Germany owing to the growing threat of Russian aggression.

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Many tasks are now being performed over the internet, so a functioning connection is important (Picture: PA)

Keith Brown: Superfast broadband for all Scots is coming

In an age of burgeoning technological advancements, digital connectivity is playing an increasingly influential role in Scotland’s economic success, writes Keith Brown, Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work.

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In each situation, in an office, in a room, on the street, women must stand up for themselves. Picture: Getty/iStockphoto

Kirsty Gunn: Women need to be brave on streets, not just say ‘me too’

Women are tricky. Men are. We’re tricky to ourselves, tricky to each other. Though we do everything we can to close the gap between genders – thinking as feminists, thinking ethics, politics, sexuality and gender, all in terms of a social norm that might exist that would put all issues of domination and subjection to rights, still the trickiness is there all the same.

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Her Majesty The Queen. Picture; PA

Queen Elizabeth - What will happen when the monarch dies?

While the monarchy may divide opinion, what happens when our monarch dies?

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St John's Hospital in Livingston. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Protest held over ongoing closure of vital children’s ward

Parents and carers held a protest outside a hospital yesterday over the continued closure of a children’s ward to in-patients who have been seen out of hours.

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A green salad with spinach, quinoa, walnuts and dried cranberries (Picture: Getty)

Stephen Jardine: Veganism and Brexit show how divided we are

Vegans and the rest are further apart than Remainers and Brexiteers, says Stephen Jardine.

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Plastic-stemmed cotton buds were one of the most common items found on Cramond Beach (Picture: Catherine Gemmell/Marine Conservation Society)

Jane Bradley: Toxic plastic waste is returning from sea to poison us

Wet wipes, straws and ‘mermaids’ tears’: Jane Bradley on the marine plastic epidemic that’s poisoning our food.

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Many calls to landlines are unwanted (Picture: Getty)

John McLellan: How I took on a dodgy cold caller selling insurance

About half of all calls to landlines in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen are unwanted, writes John McLellan.

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Youtube influencers are now banned. Picture: PA Wire

Hotel owner bans ‘vloggers’ after free stay request

A popular vlogger who asked a hotel owner for a free stay was given a scathing response - and her request posetd online.

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The Duke of Cambridge shows off his new haircut. Picture: Matt Dunham/PA Wire

Prince William’s new buzz cut ‘cost £180’

The Duke of Cambridge’s new haircut reportedly cost as much as £180.

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Boris Johnson made the suggestion following talks between the UK and France.

Boris Johnson proposes bridge across the English Channel

Boris Johnson has raised the prospect of a second crossing for the English Channel after top-level talks between the UK and France.

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Brexit may prove to have positive benefits for Scotlands fishing fleet. Picture: Getty

Brian Wilson: The one thing that could make me a Brexiteer

Sometimes it helps to see events through the prism of local experience rather than relying on pronouncements from those who present themselves as all-knowing. This may apply to the strange case of Brexit, the dog that isn’t barking.

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Jim Duffy: Ferris Bueller’s warning to today’s young generation

Real life moves quickly, warned Ferris Bueller, so don’t be distracted by social media too much or it could pass you by, writes Jim Duffy.

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Nicola Sturgeon signalled the Scottish Government may act over short-term holiday lets

Leader comment: Holiday lets shouldn’t be hell for neighbours

The boom in short-term holiday lets in Scotland has had a significant impact on the economy.

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Ocean liners will form part of the opening exhibition at the great ship of the V&A museum in Dundee in September

Leader comment: Excitement growing over new V&A museum in Dundee

The V&A Museum of Design in Dundee was designed to look like the prow of a ship pointing out into the Firth of Tay, so it is apt that the opening exhibition will be Ocean Liners: Speed & Style.

Chris Tarrant outside London Studios on the Southbank

Chris Tarrant fined after pleading guilty to drink-driving

Radio host and TV presenter Chris Tarrant has apologised after he was given a road ban for drink-driving.

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Rent levels in Edinburgh are among the highest in the UK. Picture: Callum Bennetts

Edinburgh workers spend a quarter of their salaries on rent

Nearly a quarter of the average income earned by residents in Scotland’s capital is spent on rent, a new study has shown.

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A cross-party group of MSPs will attend the inter-parliamentary forum on Brexit.

Brexit: MSPs to set out Repeal Bill fears at House of Lords

A delegation of MSPs is due to raise concerns over key Brexit legislation in talks at the House of Lords.

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Andy Murray will knock down the existing property in Surrey. Picture: PA

Andy Murray wins battle to build pool and gym at new home

SIR Andy Murray has won a battle to build a new multi-million pound mansion with a swimming pool and gym.

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S. Karly Kehoe, Member of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland

S. Karly Kehoe, Debora B. F. Kayembe and Shawki Al-Dubaee: Academic refugees have much to offer countries which give them a safe haven

Imagine what it would feel like if you had your career ripped out from under you. If you had your entire life’s work destroyed by people who feared your critical appraisal. How would you feel if, all of the sudden, you became a ­target for violence or retribution just because you worked at a university and were considered to have intellectual ­abilities?

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