Tyson the dog saves owner after blaze

A WOMAN who escaped when a wok caught fire has said she owes her life to her dog.

Wiebke Phillips was sleeping in her downstairs living room in Craigentinny Avenue while her kitchen was ablaze.

With the flames climbing, the two smoke alarms that were fitted nearby the kitchen failed to go off. But her beloved Staffordshire bull terrier sensed the immediate danger and bounded in to alert his owner.

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And he did such a good job of waking her that the 38-year-old managed to escape only suffering minor burns to her hands.

Mrs Phillips said: "I woke up with my pet dog Tyson, licking my face and jumping up and down. The room was filled with smoke and I was finding it hard to breathe.

"The fire brigade arrived quite quickly and I was treated for smoke inhalation as well as the burns on my hands. Thank goodness my son and daughter got out unharmed."