Two men not guilty of Lynda Spence murder

Lynda Spence. Picture: PA
Lynda Spence. Picture: PA
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Two of the men accused of murdering missing financial adviser Lynda Spence had their pleas of not guilty to killing her accepted today.

At the High Court in Glasgow David Parker, 38, and Paul Smith, 47, pleaded guilty to the assault to severe injury of Miss Spence at 114 Meadowfoot Road, West Kilbride, between April 14 and 28, 2011.

They also admitted attempting to defeat the end of justice by removing carpets and floorboards and cleaning up the flat.

Co-accused Philip Wade, 42, and Colin Coats, 42, are still on trial accusedd of murdering Miss Spence and disposing of her body. They deny all the charges against them.

The pleas were tendered by Andrew Lamb QC, representing Parker, and Brian McConnachie QC, representing Smith in the eighth week of the trial and accepted by Solicitor General Lesley Thomson QC, prosecuting.

Judge Lord Pentland told the jury: “What you have heard is the accused Mr Parker and Mr Smith pleading guilty to assault to severe injury and not guilty to the crime of murder.”

Lord Pentland added: “These are pretty significant developments. The situation of Mr Parker and Mr Smith will change to that of convicted persons and you, the jury, will no longer be called upon to make a decision as to their guilt. It is up to me as trial judge to convict them of the charges they have admitted to.”

Earlier in evidence, the jury heard taped police interviews from Parker and Smith in which they claimed that Miss Spence was brought to the West Kilbride flat and they “babysat” her while she was allegedly tortured.

Those tapes could only be used as evidence against them, not Coats and Wade and now Parker and Smith will be called a Crown witnesses in the trial.

Earlier witness John Glen, 46, who was giving eviidence for a third day, denied that he had made up a story about Coats showing him Miss Spence’s thumb in an Asda bag and claiming he had killed her.

The trial continues.