Turriff Hospital site to become smoke-free zone

The site is to become NHS Grampian's first smoke-free zone. Picture: TSPL
The site is to become NHS Grampian's first smoke-free zone. Picture: TSPL
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THE Turriff Hospital site is to become NHS Grampian’s first completely smoke-free zone on New Year’s Day, it was announced today.

The site incorporates the Turriff Medical Centre and the local Social Work Office.

A health board spokeswoman said: “The site will be setting the tobacco-free benchmark for other healthcare premises across the region as NHS Grampian becomes completely smoke free by 2015.”

She continued: “Staff on the Turriff Hospital site will have the opportunity to signpost patients, visitors and suppliers to smoking cessation and tobacco replacement products. Inpatients will be offered products which will help them stop, or at least deal with the cravings for tobacco.

“The NHS Grampian Board has endorsed plans for a new organisational tobacco policy addresses smoking on all premises and it is being developed through NHS Grampian’s partnership structure.”

The spokeswoman added: “Every year, tobacco use is associated with over 1000 deaths in Grampian and nearly 5000 hospital admissions. Tobacco-related illness is estimated to cost NHS Grampian £30 - 46.6 million per annum.”

George Rutten, the board’s public health co-ordinator, said: “People are increasingly aware that smoking is a major cause of preventable ill health and premature death in Scotland and Grampian. Creating smoke free healthcare sites is one way NHS Grampian to promote good health and wellbeing, and set an example. Through the pilot in Turriff Hospital we can find out how best to implement the policy across the region, with least impact on day to day services and patient care.

Wendy Grant, the Senior Charge Nurse at Turriff Hospital said: “We are delighted that Turriff has been chosen as the pilot for NHS Grampian’s first smoke free site. We want to encourage patients, staff and visitors to the hospital to breathe fresh air wherever they are. A range of products will be available for people who smoke to help them overcome cravings for tobacco. If people who smoke are motivated to stop smoking, arrangements will be made to get support from the smoking advice services. “