Travel review slams Ben Nevis for being '˜too high and steep'

A one star TripAdvisor review that pans Britain's highest peak for being too high and steep has gone viral.

Ben Nevis was slammed in this travel review. Pictures: TSPL/TripAdvisor
Ben Nevis was slammed in this travel review. Pictures: TSPL/TripAdvisor

The review, posted by a couple from Sulgrave, Northamptonshire on to the travel advice website back in 2014, complained that Ben Nevis is ‘very steep and too high’ and, unlike Mount Snowdon, lacks facilities such as a pub, restaurant and toilets at its summit.

The Welsh mountain doesn’t actually have a pub or restaurant as such, though it does have a cafe. A visitor centre and cafe named Hafod Eryi opened at Snowdon’s peak in 2009.

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After lying dormant for some time, the Ben Nevis review was picked up yesterday by Twitter user @rob_hyde whose tweet has since been liked and retweeted hundreds of times.

Some of the comments posted in response to the tweet are priceless.

@Robotorium joked “this person’s mind is going to be BLOWN when they find out how much higher mountains get”.

@AidanKelly4 chipped in with: “Not surprised his girlfriend was crying after listening to his moaning all day”.

'Very Steep and Too High'. Picture: TripAdvisor UK

And an astonished @jimdoherty09 wrote “It pleases me greatly that this mountain will outlast the human race by 100 million years”.

The Sulgrave couple’s effort is not the only ‘terrible’ one star review of Ben Nevis on TripAdvisor.

One visitor vents about the fact there were ‘too many tourists’ and another makes a rather fair point about the amount of litter and erosion of the main routes up.

'Very Steep and Too High'. Picture: TripAdvisor UK

However, the most recent one star review (which admittedly reads as if it was written purely for a laugh) takes things a step further.

Posted in June 2016, it reads: “The walk was boring and un imaginative [sic], lacked 4G signal in many places and when you got to the top you couldn’t see anything.

“Basically this mountain summed up Scotland as a whole! A big disappointment! Also there is snow at the top... I don’t like a snow.”