Video: drive-through of Edinburgh tram route

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Edinburgh Trams have released footage of the full route as viewed from the driver’s seat, from Edinburgh Airport to York Place.

The original video was almost 23 minutes from end to end however the above video fits the full journey into two minutes.

Edinburgh Trams. Picture:  Neil Hanna

Edinburgh Trams. Picture: Neil Hanna


70 km/h (43 mph) - top speed of trams

14 kilometres (8.7 mi) - full length of the Edinburgh tram route

May 2014 - the month in which the Edinburgh Trams will begin operating

27 - the number of trams purchased for the scheme

16 - stations will be positioned along the route

1956 - the year the last tram operated in Edinburgh

2008 - the date tram working began

£776 million - the total cost of the scheme

52 - the number of ticket inspectors hired

30 - ticket machines will be along the route

7.5 - the number of minutes between every tram

33- the number of minutes it will take for a tram to go from the city centre to the airport