Stag party causes chaos on Glasgow-Alicante flight

A SCOTTISH stag party caused chaos on a flight to Spain as they drank heavily and abused fellow passengers and airline staff.

A Jet2 flight was overrun by a stag party on a flight from Glasgow to Alicante. Picture: Contributed
A Jet2 flight was overrun by a stag party on a flight from Glasgow to Alicante. Picture: Contributed

The group of boozy revellers wreaked havoc on the early morning flight from Glasgow Airport to Alicante.

Witnesses said the group also refused to sit down when the aircraft began its descent.

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Spanish police were called by cabin crew to escort one of the party, a man in his thirties, off the aircraft when it arrived in Spain.

All passengers on the Jet2 flight had to wait in their seats on the runway while officers dealt with the situation.

Mobile phone footage of the incident shows a female passenger arguing and grappling with a group of men, some of whom are shirtless, in the aisle of the plane.

One passenger said: “It was the most horrendous flight I have ever been on.

“There was a large stag party who boarded the plane at Glasgow and they obviously had already had a lot to drink.

“They were shouting, singing and swearing throughout the flight. A few of them took their tops off and refused to sit in their seats when told to.

“One of them in particular was swearing constantly and getting into arguments with other passengers. The airline staff were struggling to cope with his rowdiness.

“There were families on the flight and the behaviour was totally out of order.

“When we landed we were all held on the flight to wait for police to come on board and remove one of the guys.

“One woman got really frustrated at the delay and got involved in a bit of a pushing match with the group.”

The group, who were travelling to the Spanish holiday resort of Benidorm, left Glasgow Airport for the three-hour flight to Alicante on Friday morning.

It is understood the man who was held by police was later released and he was banned from travelling home on his booked Jet2 flight.

A spokeswoman for Jet2 said: “We can confirm that following disruptive behaviour on flight LS177 from Glasgow to Alicante a passenger was denied boarding on his return flight.

“The safety and security of our customers is paramount and this particular passenger’s conduct on the outbound flight was disappointing and not acceptable.

“This was an isolated incident and was certainly not representative of our passengers who are often families and couples just on their way to enjoy their holiday.”

The airline told passengers travelling from Glasgow Prestwick to the Spanish isle that they will no longer be able to take alcohol on board.

Last September the flight hit the headlines when a video emerged showing drunk passengers chanting, swearing and stamping their feet on the plane.