Police board Scotland-London train after man runs up carriage shouting "fire"

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Police have boarded an Edinburgh-London train this evening following reports of a burning smell on board.

A passenger on the London North Eastern Railway service, which left Edinburgh Waverley at 2:30pm, says the train has been stationary for more than two hours in East Lothian between Dunbar and Innerwick, as officers deal with a situation on board.

Police boarded the train in East Lothian

Police boarded the train in East Lothian

The passenger said: “It looks like the train had a seized brake, there was no fire but there was smoke inside and outside the carriage.”

“The fitters have come down from Waverley to carry out repairs, but while all that was happening, another passenger ran up the train shouting ‘fire’.

“He was causing a disturbance and accosted members of the crew and other people in the carriage. He asked a couple of women for their make up and demanded £100 from a female passenger he had never met before."

He added: “One of the women had a panic attack and he also manhandled at least one male cabin crew member and one female.”

A police officer outside of the train.

A police officer outside of the train.

“At one point, he told passengers he was just released from prison and was now going to Newcastle."

A spokesman for London North Eastern Railway has since confirmed that a brake fault caused the smoke.

The spokesman also confirmed that police were called to deal with a disturbance on board, which led to the lengthy delay.