Newlyweds spend honeymoon in Glasgow airport

A newly wed couple are having an unusual honeymoon - stranded in Glasgow Airport amid the wild weather.

Glasgow Airport did not reopen today as a newlyweds couple were left stranded on honeymoon

Chris and Vicky Robinson, from Stranraer, got married last weekend and were looking forward to a luxury holiday in the Maldives when heavy snow closed the airport on Wednesday.

Instead of enjoying 30C heat in the Indian Ocean, they spent the night in chairs in Glasgow Airport’s main terminal - catching a few hours sleep as they waited for news on a rescheduled departure.

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Mr Robinson, 29, said: “We were about to board the plane yesterday at 1pm, and 15 minutes before we were to take off they cancelled it and we’ve been here since (in the terminal), slept here with a lack of information through the night.

“It was very subdued, people were quiet and a bit confused because there wasn’t much information.

“We’d heard about camp beds and blankets, but we got no information about that.

“There’s been more information this morning, I know it’s been tricky for (the airport) because of maybe a lack of workers and it’s difficult for everyone.”

Mrs Robinson, 27, said: “There was tears to start with but there’s not much you can do. We had the perfect wedding so you can’t ask for everything.”