Lucky escape for swan that stopped M9 traffic

DRIVERS had to swerve and avoid a swan that planted itself in the middle of one of Scotland’s busiest roads during rush hour.

A swan caused chaos this morning after it landed in the middle of the M9 motorway. Picture:

The bird is thought to have come from the royal flock at Linlithgow Palace, and was sitting in the outside lane of the M9 near the West Lothian town on Tuesday morning.

A passing motorist said: “It was pretty alarming. I was driving to work and there it was, sitting in the middle of the road.

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“I’m surprised it didn’t cause an accident.

The lucky swan is released back into Linlithgow Loch. Picture:

“Drivers were coming along overtaking, and suddenly found there was a swan in front of them.

“It didn’t seem hurt as it was craning its neck and looking around but it didn’t seem to want to move either.

“It didn’t seem to understand that the outside lane of one of Scotland’s busiest motorways in the morning rush hour was an inappropriate place to sit and cogitate.”

Police and Scottish SPCA attended the scene where motorists were still manoeuvring around the bird.


The SSPCA confirmed that they were called by a motorist who had spotted the swan and they sent one of their officers to rescue it.

Animal Rescue Officer Connie O’Neill said: “I was called to rescue a swan which landed in front of a car on the M9 at Linlithgow earlier this morning.

“The bird was on the central reservation when I arrived but it ran back onto the motorway when I tried to catch it.

“Thankfully, I was able to rescue the swan before it came to any harm and I’ve since released it at Linlithgow Loch.

“It’s possible the thick fog this morning caused this bird to become disorientated and land on the busy motorway.”