Letters: Edinburgh bike scheme deserves a better name than '˜Boris Bikes'

Edinburgh bikes should not be referred to as Boris Bikes writes Gacin Corbett. They deserve to have a more suitable name. Do you agree?

Edinburgh bikes should not be named after a failed politician writes Gavin Corbett.

Bikes deserve a better name than Boris

IT is hugely welcome that Edinburgh at last has a fleet of street bikes for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. It is a scheme that has the backing of all political parties in the city chambers.

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But I must take issue with your headline calling them Boris Bikes. The London scheme, from which this ­label comes, was fully worked up before Boris Johnson became mayor of the city. Johnson simply happened to ­arrive in post for the time of their public launch. However, it is a neat metaphor for Johnson’s career: a shallow showman who is shameless about ­taking credit, all the while displaying the crassest political judgement of any UK politician of his generation.

So let’s be proud of Edinburgh’s street bikes in their own right and give them a name that is befitting our capital city. What about asking readers to come up with something better than the first name of a failed MP?

Gavin Corbett, Green councillor for Fountainbridge-Craiglockhart.