Law banning vehicles parking on pavements hailed

THE introduction of legislation aimed at making it an offence to park on pavements and drop kerbs in Scotland has been welcomed by campaigners.

Sights such as these in residential areas will soon be a thing of the past. Picture: Emma Mitchell

Living Streets and Guide Dogs Scotland have heralded the publication of the Footway and Double Parking (Scotland) Bill in the Scottish Parliament.

MSP Sandra White claims it marks “a vital step in reclaiming pavements for pedestrians”.

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Living Streets Scotland director Stuart Hay said: “Pavement parking is the number one complaint here at Living Streets.

“Pavements are for pedestrians, not vehicles, and parking on them causes inconvenience and danger. The time for action is now as existing powers don’t work and are seldom used by the police or local authorities.

“Sandra White’s bill is a major step forward and must be swiftly adopted if Scotland is serious about boosting walking in our towns and cities. It is frankly ridiculous that Scotland is 40 years behind London, in giving councils proper enforcement powers to keep footways clear of parked cars. The bill simplifies the law and brings obstructing footways in line with other parking violations.”

Jane Horsburgh, of Guide Dogs Scotland, added: “For people with visual impairments a change in the law can’t come soon enough. Pavement parking is a critical issue for guide dog owners.”