Grinding machines to get tram tracks ready for use

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GRINDING machines are set to scour and clean city centre tram tracks as part of final preparations to ensure they are ready for use.

The works will take place from Haymarket to Picardy Place starting on Sunday. It is thought grinding operations along Princes Street will begin on Tuesday but not at morning or evening rush hour.

The rail-mounted grinding machine is designed to remove rust and is a “standard process used for all new rail tracks”. It moves along the track at walking speed and files down the rail surface, collecting debris as it goes.

A vehicle will run behind the grinding machine to indicate that the traffic lane ahead is closed. Tram contractor workers will accompany the vehicle on foot either side of the track.

The operation is expected to last nine days.

A council spokesman said: “The equipment is fully shielded to contain any sparks and loose material will be removed by the machine. A road sweeper will follow to ensure all debris is collected.”