Full details of the M8 upgrade

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The upgrade of the existing A8 corridor between Baillieston and Newhouse will provide a dual three-lane motorway standard or equivalent. 

It will also provide a strategic motorway link catering predominantly for east/west through traffic on the M8 motorway with connections via Baillieston Interchange to the M73 Motorway and a new M8 Shawhead Junction providing a link to the A725 Trunk Road. 

It will include motorway junctions at Baillieston Interchange, Shawhead Junction (A725), Eurocentral Junction, Chapelhall Junction and Newhouse Junction.

This includes:

* 2 km (over 1 mile) of online dual three-lane motorway

* 5 km (over 3 miles) of offline dual three-lane motorway

* 3 km (nearly 2 miles) of online dual two-lane motorway

* 10 km (over 6 miles) of dual two-lane all purpose road incorporating nearly 5 km of existing A8

* 16 km (nearly 10 miles) of pedestrian/cycle path

* Three new motorway junctions at Shawhead, Eurocentral and Chapelhall

* Two amended motorway junctions at Baillieston and Newhouse

* Two railway bridges, including a new Braehead (Cutty Sark) structure

* 30 road structures, including a major crossing of the North Calder Water

* Capacity improvements on M8 Eastbound, Junction 9 to Baillieston Interchange

* Significant environmental mitigation and enhancement works.

The improvement works at Raith Interchange include:

* Realignment of the A725 over a length of 1.8 km (over 1 mile)

* Provision of an underpass structure for the A725, with one bridge carrying the M74 and two bridges carrying the Raith roundabout

* Realignment of the Raith roundabout on the south of the M74

* Provision of a new link road between the B7071 and Raith roundabout with a signalised junction at the A725 eastbound off slip

* Modifications to the M74 slip roads

* Provision of new pedestrian/cyclist links including bridges over the Raith roundabout to the north and south of the M74, a new link to the proposed National Cycle Network 74.  and signalised crossing points

* Provision of an additional lane on the southbound M74 between Bothwell Services and the Raith Junction

* Demolition of the existing Bothwell Park Road access bridge over the M74, to the north of Raith junction, and construction of a new realigned bridge at this location

* New private access road through Strathclyde Country Park

* Provision of a sustainable urban drainage system and flood water storage areas

* Environmental mitigation and enhancement works.

Network upgrades

The works principally consist of widening the existing carriageway by an additional lane at the following locations:

Eastbound carriageway of the M8 from Junction 10, Easterhouse to Junction 8, Baillieston Interchange.

Northbound and southbound carriageways of the M73 between Baillieston Interchange and Maryville Interchange.

Northbound and southbound carriageways of the M74 from Junction 3, Daldowie to Junction 5, Raith.

Southbound carriageway of the M74 between Junction 5, Raith and Junction 6, Hamilton.

The works will maintain the existing slip road arrangements through the Baillieston Interchange.

The improvement works also include the following:

* A new slip road from the M74 Junction 3, Daldowie to the northbound M73

* Modification of the two existing roundabouts at the M74 Junction 3, Daldowie to signalised junction

* Widening of four underbridges on the M74

* Demolition of the existing access bridge over the M73 to the south of Baillieston Interchange and provision of a new realigned access bridge

* Replacement of existing road drainage, including introducing a new Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) where practicable, over the extent of the project.

* The total length of the motorway carriageway improved by the works is approximately 18 km (over 11 miles).