Footage shows London-Edinburgh train passengers crammed in like 'human cattle' on leaky train

A LNER train operating on the London-Edinburgh line
A LNER train operating on the London-Edinburgh line
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Passengers have been left fuming after being crammed on to a London to Edinburgh train today - and the journey has been made worse by a water leak between carriages.

Video footage posted online shows people sitting and standing in front of the doorways on the London North Eastern Railway (LNER) service to the Capital.

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The video, posted by passenger twitter user @ReubenCL, also shows water dripping on to the floor close to a group of passengers.

In a tweet, they said: "Is this a joke? £97.30 for a train ticket to Edinburgh that you have selfishly overbooked.

"People are sitting in the corridors and the train is leaking. Awful service can’t believe you’re still running things."

The trains have been busier than usual. Pic: @ReubenCL.

The trains have been busier than usual. Pic: @ReubenCL.

In another tweet they wrote: "Also, I’m shocked and disgusted to find out you’re only refunding those with reserved seats.

"It’s not OUR fault you overbooked the train. Nice to see how you treat your customers, like human cattle!!!"

A LNER spokeswoman said: "Our trains between London King’s Cross and Edinburgh are currently busier than usual.

"We have introduced a temporary system for some trains where customers with seat reservations are invited to board first in order to allow customers without seat reservations to more easily find available seats or choose to travel on a later train if there are none available.

"We always recommend customers make a seat reservation when booking to travel with us. Customers may qualify for a refund through our Seat Guarantee scheme. Full details can be found on the LNER website.

"We will make our depot teams aware of the issue raised in the tweet where water is entering the vestibule area and we apologise to anyone who has experienced a disrupted journey with us today."

The spokeswoman confirmed that those passengers who did not reserve seats will not be able to claim refunds.

LNER has also extended their 12:30pm and 2:30pm services - normally ending at Newcastle - to Edinburgh in a bid to help ease pressure on the trains.

The popularity of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the fact it's a Friday, are understood to be factors in the overcrowding.