Ferrari give rare glimpse at some of world’s most valuable cars

Ferrari gave a rare look at the world's most exclusive workshop.
Ferrari gave a rare look at the world's most exclusive workshop.
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FERRARI have offered a rare insight into the workings of the world’s most exclusive car garage.

The workshop is currently home to five models of the world’s most valuable car - the 250 GTO - as well as Steve McQueen’s old Ferrari 275. The workshop’s technicians even built an all-new engine to the original 1958 specifications for JCB tycoon Sir Anthony Bamford’s 250 Testa Rossa.

An average car at the ‘Classiche’ workshop is worth over £8 million, with 24 classic Ferraris from the road and track currently in for servicing.

The service caters for enthusiasts who want to see their cars restored to near-factory condition. A team of engineers have run the workshop since 2006, and have given their mark of authentication to over 3,300 cars. They have also fully restored 60 classic Ferraris in the last six years.

Classiche currently hold four UK-based Ferraris, and expert Tony Willis is in charge of the UK cars.

Willis said: “We’ve done more than 350 inspections in the UK and it is growing in popularity as cars become a major investment.

“People want a guarantee that the car is real and original and not a fake. If you are buying something like a Ferrari 250 GTO you want to know everything is correct.

“The only way to know this is to have the company involved in the process. It is essential for any bluechip Ferrari to be certified by Classiche.

“Plenty of people throughout the world restore Ferraris but with rare models like the 250 GTO it is a no-brainer that it should be restored by the people who built it.”