Faulty radio blamed for microlight crash in Aberdeenshire

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A MICROLIGHT pilot suffered multiple injuries when he collided with a glider after they landed at the same time because his radio was not working properly, investigators reported today.

The 62-year-old suffered head, eye, hand and rib injuries when the glider’s wing struck the microlight after they landed on intersecting runways at Aboyne airfield in Aberdeenshire in May.

The Department for Transport’s air accident investigation branch said he had not heard the airfield’s duty instructor call for him to “abort, abort, abort” his landing to avoid the glider, because of radio problems.

Its report said the pilot was aware he probably had a radio reception problem, but did not see any gliders as he prepared to land.

The 68-year-old glider pilot told investigators that after he touched down, the microlight had suddenly appeared on his left and “there was a loud bang as the glider’s right wing struck”.