Farmers help rescue woman in labour trapped in snow near Kinross

A woman who went into labour in a Fife village cut off by snow has safely delivered a baby boy after being helped by farmers and off-duty midwives.

Farmers near Kinross have rushed to help a woman in labour who became trapped in snowy conditions near Kinross

A call for help was made on social media after Ashleigh Lisa, who was trapped in her house at Balgedie near Kinross, went into labour during the night.

Several off-duty midwives were taken to the house by tractor after farmers leapt to the woman’s aid.

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They arrived just in time, with Ms Lisa giving birth. A team of paramedics then helped take the baby to hospital.

Emma Niven, whose husband Rob was one of the first to rush to help with his tractor, told the BBC: “It’s just been the most magical morning.

“An emergency message went out on Facebook looking for midwives for our neighbour, who was in the late stages of labour and was stuck.

“We just couldn’t get her out and nobody could get to her, so we got the tractors out and negotiated a couple of midwives and brought them to her just in time at a critical stage where the baby’s head was actually stuck.

“So all has turned out well.”

Bronda Henderson, who is the baby’s grandmother, said: “I can’t believe it’s happened, but mother and baby are doing fine.

“We have two midwives here and our neighbour who is a doctor and everyone in the community has been fantastic.

“All the farmers and neighbours in the area have cleared roads and fields to get here.

“Its been absolutely amazing and I can’t thank the community enough, they have been fantastic.

“I’m just relieved my daughter and my new grandson are OK and grateful to everyone around who tried so hard to get help here this morning, just remarkable.”

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