Extinction Rebellion to unleash 'summer uprising' in five cities

Climate crisis activists have announced plans to stage major protests across the UK next week.

Extinction Rebellion's Summer Uprising is part of an ongoing campaign to urge the government to halt biodiversity loss and cut green house gas emissions.

Campaigners are demanding politicians reduce emissions to 'net zero' by 2025. They have also called for the creation of a citizen's assembly on climate and ecological justice.

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The demonstrations will take place in Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, London and Glasgow. The Scottish protest will focus on justice for climate change refugees.

Today the Extinction Rebellion organisers confirmed around 1,000 people have committed to being arrested during the uprising with as many as 500 willing to risk prison over their actions 'if necessary'.

A spokesman said hundreds of people are prepared to block cities throughout next week if local councils do not meet their demands.

He added that the group is now planning a worldwide demonstration on Monday, October 7.

Last month protesters glued themselves to the Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood, demanding a change of policy from the Scottish Government. Elsewhere in Edinburgh demonstrators disrupted commuters and public transport on Lothian Road by lying in the street with their arms chained.

Protesters brought the heart of Edinburgh to a standstill last month. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Daniel Armstrong from Extinction Rebellion's Scottish group said: "As the climate continues to break down, more and more parts of the world will become uninhabitable. Immigration is already seen as a big issue but it will only increase as more people are displaced.

"But if you're faced with unlivable conditions due to extreme weather, food shortages and drought, you have no choice but to leave.

"From the perspective of my hometown Glasgow, where refugees are welcomed, we stand in solidarity with those affected not just by climate chaos but also those displaced by this global crisis."