Daughter claims mother's death treated '˜like a car wing mirror'

Two distraught daughters hit out at the justice system after the man who killed their mother in a hit-and-run walked free.

Picture: Contributed
Picture: Contributed

Heartbroken Demi and Terri Donnell blasted the justice system and said their mother’s life was treated “the same as as a car wing mirror” after Robert Webster was spared jail and allowed to keep his driving licence.

Ms McGregor, 48, died on Christmas Day, less than 48 hours after Webster, 57, ran her over in his Volkswagen Golf while she walked to local shops near her home in Paisley.

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He had earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to stop at the scene of an accident after having struck Angela, leaving her “so severely injured that… she died.” He admitted breaking Section 170(2) and (4) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 by failing to stop and provide information after a fatal accident took place.

The court heard that, the morning after he’d struck Angela, Webster went to his sister’s house and told her what had happened the night before, saying he wanted to hand himself in to the police.”

Sheriff Susan Sinclair spared him jail, noting that losing his licence would mean he could lose his job in the construction industry.

She fined him £1,000, reduced from £1,500 as he had admitted his guilt, and placed 10 penalty points on his licence.

After yesterday’s verdict, Ms McGregor’s daughter, Demi Donnell, 23, a primary education student at the University of Glasgow, said: “Anything which could have gone his way has done. He could’ve gone to prison for a period of time, a small period of time, but he could have gone to prison. I feel like my mum’s life has been treated the same way as a vehicle.

She added: “It’s like her life is the same as a car wing mirror.”

Scottish Conservative shadow secretary for justice Douglas Ross said: “I fully understand the family’s reaction after the death of their mother. For someone to knock over a pedestrian, then continue driving and only hand himself into the police the following day does convince me that Mr Webster was aware of his actions and the repercussions.

“This was an accident which resulted in a mother and grandmother losing her life. While Mr Webster has to live with his actions, the family of Angela McGregor have to live without her.

“Many people will query in this case why the guilty person was able to walk away with his freedom and his driving licence.”