Community needs new service after bus is axed

Thorniewood councillor Bob Burrows has raised concerns about the loss of a vital bus service serving Viewpark, Tannochside and Uddingston.

Thorniewood councillor Bob Burrows wants a new bus service for his constituents

Councillor Burrows has been advised that the 107 and 109 services operated by MacKenzie Buses are no longer operating, following a decision by the Traffic Commissioner to withdraw the company’s operating licence.

Director Clare Coakley appeared before a public enquiry in Edinburgh last month and saw her licence revoked under Section 17 of the Public Passengers Vehicles Act 1981.

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The licence withdrawal date was for January 31, but Mackenzie Buses withdrew their service immediately.

At the same public enquiry Edward Constantine Coakley and Edward Neil Coakley had their application for a licence granted under s16 of the Act, with effect from January 24.

However, the Traffic Commissioner ruled they will not be permitted to register local services for a period of at least one year.

Councillor Burrows hopes another company will step in and run a service for the community.

He said: “I am extremely concerned about this situation, which leaves people in Birkenshaw, Tannochside and Viewpark without a bus service to Uddingston, Bothwell and on to Hamilton.

“It means pupils at Uddingston Grammar and Holy Cross in Hamilton are unable to get a bus direct to and from school.

“In addition many local people had to transfer to another GP service in Bothwell and now many will find it very difficult to get to the surgery.

“I along with Councillor Bonnar and Councillor Gaffney are getting calls and emails every day from local residents.

“I have raised the issue with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) to ask what can be done.

“SPT state that due to the commercial arrangement it is not in their gift to compel any bus company to provide a service, but there is nothing to prevent them introducing a commercial service.

“SPT have emailed all bus operators to invite them to consider the potential of introducing a commercial replacement service.

“Until this is resolved and a service provided, the people of Birkenshaw, Tannochside and Viewpark are effectively stranded with no way of accessing service and facilities outwith their immediate neighbourhood.”