Bus firm: CCTV shows no evidence of alleged schoolgirl injury

Victoria Rose Alton, four, with the injury her mother said happened as she got off the bus. Picture: SWNS
Victoria Rose Alton, four, with the injury her mother said happened as she got off the bus. Picture: SWNS
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CCTV footage shows no evidence of claims that a four-year-old girl was injured as got off a bus, operator First Glasgow revealed today.

Amy McCallum had alleged her daughter was left with a bloodied face after falling when the bus door trapped her ankle.

She said four-year-old Victoria Rose Alton had been the victim of a row with the bus driver over her age as they travelled home from her first day at school.

Ms McCallum said the driver thought her daughter was five because she was in school uniform, so was no longer eligible for free travel.

However, The Scotsman has been told that CCTV footage shows the girl getting on and off the bus and onto the pavement with no sign of a fall or injury.

Bus firms have faced similar claims in the past and follow established procedures to review footage to check such allegations.

A spokesman for First Glasgow said today: “Following detailed examination of on-board CCTV footage and an interview with the driver, we have established that there is no evidence to support the allegations relating to the injury of the child.

“We have been in touch with the customer to advise her of our findings.”

The incident involved a number 8 bus in Riddrie in the east of Glasgow on Tuesday afternoon.

The First spokesman said: “It was alleged the incident happened after the child’s mother had been involved in a verbal exchange with the driver about a child ticket.

“It was further alleged that when the child was alighting from the bus with her mother and sister, the driver closed the doors, causing the child to fall and suffer injury.

“It has been claimed that our driver then moved off, without providing assistance to the family.

Ms McCallum had previously said: “It could have been a lot worse as she could have gone under the bus, rather than falling on the pavement.

“He didn’t even ask if she was OK and just drove away.

“I believe he closed the door on the wean’s foot because I refused to pay for the ticket.

“My first priority was my daughter. Her lips are still sore and she has a graze on her ankle from where the door closed on it.

“She was hysterical and heartbroken. Her new school uniform was ruined with blood.”