Buildings flattened in huge Merseyside explosion

A massive explosion expected to have been the result of a major gas leak has caused two buildings to collapse in Wirral.

Two buildings were flattened in a suspected gas explosion. Picture: Twitter/ Loydie

The emergency services are currently on the scene in New Ferry. It is unclear at this time if anyone was present in either building at the time of the explosion, however the Liverpool Echo reports that injured people were seen walking towards ambulances, one with a “serious head bandage”.

A spokeswoman for Merseyside Fire and Rescue has said that the blast area was approximately 50 by 40 metres. When asked about the cause of the blast, she said: “They (the buildings) have collapsed in a suspected explosion due to a gas leak”.

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Local residents say that they “felt the earth shake” as the blast went off.

Network Rail have suspended all train services in the nearby area.

More to follow...