Budget airline trials allocated seating

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Passengers on budget airline EasyJet could get allocated seats in a new trial announced today.

All flights from Glasgow to Alicante, Luton to Malaga, Luton to Sharm el Sheikh, Luton to Alicante and Luton to Istanbul are part of the trial run starting next month. The test will last for the summer.

All passengers will be given an allocated seat but can pay £12 for a space with extra leg room, £8 for front seats or £3 for any other seat.

The passengers will get an allocated seat with the number marked on their boarding pass.

Carolyn McCall, EasyJet’s chief executive, said: “Our aim is to make travel easy and affordable for all our passengers.

“With EasyJet, they may not be used to the way we board. It can be a barrier to travelling with us. People are just not used to unreserved seating.”