Amazing video shows Balmoral Clock being reset after nearly two months of showing the wrong time

The clock stopped on April 13 and has been showing the correct time only twice a day since.

The famous Balmoral Clock is working once more after technicians reset it nearly two months after it broke down during the most stringent period of lockdown.

Famously, the clock runs three minutes fast on a normal day to give commuters and travellers an extra incentive to not miss their train, or for the romantics, to give the love-struck more time to say goodbye.

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The clock has been controlled electronically since being converted from manual control in the 1970s, and rarely breaks down.

April 13th 2020: Coronavirus Lockdown: Princes Street with the Balmoral clock at the wrong time.

However, it broke down on the morning of April 13 and has been showing the wrong time every day since amid lockdown restrictions due to the coronavirus crisis.

The owners of the clock, the Balmoral Hotel, shared a video of the clock being reset back to the correct time at around 11.05am on Monday June 8.

It is only the second time in a century that the clock has broken down for an extended period of time.

In 2012, the clock ran 90 minutes late due to a power cut caused by the tram works on Princes Street, and in 2014 it stopped working altogether for the first time in 108 years, seemingly inexplicably.


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