Alcohol ban on Scotland’s trains branded a success

ScotRail are laying on 130 additional carriages
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SCOTLAND’S largest train operator says its new policy on curtailing alcohol consumption has been a success.

ScotRail introduced a ban on alcohol between 9pm and 10am three months ago and only five passengers have been reported to the Proscurator Fiscal since its introduction.

The company became the first rail operator in the UK to introduce the outright ban.

The restrictions, which do not apply to its sleeper services, are in line with the Scottish Government’s drive to reduce alcohol consumption and curb anti-social behaviour.

The rail firm has also refused travel to a number of passengers that have arrived at stations intoxicated.

Steve Montgomery, ScotRail’s managing director, said: “The ban has been working well, which is partly down to the softly, softly approach we have adopted, but also we shouldn’t underestimate the contribution of the travelling public.

“There are fewer people turning up to stations who are not in a fit state to travel due to alcohol.”

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