Aberdeen’s “rat run” drivers putting lives at risk

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Picture: Contributed
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ABERDEEN City Council today warned that “dangerous drivers” are putting lives at risk by ignoring road closed signs on a popular “rat run” on the outskirts of Aberdeen.

The local authority revealed that motorists have been flouting road closed and diversion signs erected on the C128C Cults to Kingshill road, which has been temporarily closed to northbound vehicles, and driving on the wrong side of the road, on a bend, into the face of oncoming traffic.

Some drivers have even moved traffic cones so they can drive down the closed lane where contractors are working.

A city council spokeswoman said: “The behaviour is reckless in the extreme and poses significant danger not only to those flouting the rules and their passengers, but also to the contractors working on site and other road users. It is also illegal and Grampian Police has deployed roads policing officers to tackle offenders

“The situation has become so serious that the council is considering using emergency powers to close the road if drivers persist in behaving so dangerously.”

She added: “The lane closure is signed from as far back as North Deeside Road in Cults, and repeated several times, as is the diversion route, including a final sign at the start of the diversion route at Countesswells Road.”

Mike McDonald, the Grampian Police traffic management manager, also condemned the motorists who have been ignoring the diversion signs.

He said: “The new traffic management arrangements were implemented a few days ago and already there have been a number of complaints in relation to driver behaviour. We are aware of this issue and road policing officers have been directed to patrol the area and encourage motorists to take heed of the traffic management signage, road closures and the identified alternative diversion routes which are all in place. “There have been several reported examples of motorists driving northwards against the one way flow and effectively ‘head on’ towards oncoming traffic on the restricted carriageway between Cults and Kingswells. There have also been reports of drivers removing traffic cones and signage in that area in an attempt to get through the closure. Such behaviour is extremely reckless and has the potential to cause a serious road traffic collision.”

Mr McDonald added: “Road policing officers have been deployed to the area and will robustly deal with offenders.”