Transport chief prices single tram ticket at £1.25

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TRANSPORT chiefs today revealed the cost of travelling on Edinburgh's tram network should be around £1.25 for a single journey.

There has been speculation that ticket prices would be hiked close to 2 to help pay for the controversial 592 million scheme.

But Neil Renilson, chief executive of Lothian Buses and Transport Edinburgh Limited - the firm which will run Edinburgh's trams and buses - said that would not be the case, barring a global event which pushes up the cost of oil.

"It is important that trams and buses work together in Edinburgh, so it makes sense that fares and tickets on trams and buses are the same," he said. "Since 1999, Lothian Buses has had a policy of increasing fares at the rate of inflation plus one per cent.

"On this basis, we can estimate the future cost of tram and bus fares so, as a comparison, today's 1 single bus fare would, in 2011, cost in the region of 1.25 a journey.

"I am sure the public will recognise this as a fare that provides excellent value for money for a tram or a bus journey. The calculation does make the assumption that there are no external factors, such as the cost of oil and power increasing above the general rate of inflation.

"As the public is aware we have no control over these factors and, should they happen, they would impact bus fares whether Edinburgh had trams or not."