Trainspotting actor watches car crash drama on movie set

TRAINSPOTTING actor Peter Mullan has been caught up in a real-life drama on the set of movie Sunshine on Leith when a car crashed close to where he was having a cigarette.

The star was given a scare when a black Lexus collided with a parked car outside Broomhill Church, in Glasgow’s west end, where parts of the Proclaimers-inspired film are being shot.

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Mullan looked on as the woman driver spoke to the owner of the parked Citroen Xantia, believed to be owned by a member of the film crew. Both cars suffered damage but nobody was injured.

One onlooker said: “Peter looked really shocked. He was outside enjoying a cup of tea and a cigarette when it ­happened. The cars collided just a few yards away from where he was standing and he looked quite taken aback. Mullan was at the church shooting scenes for the film adaptation of the hit musical.

The film uses Proclaimers songs to tell the story of two Scots soldiers returning from Afghanistan and is being shot in Edinburgh and Glasgow.