Training this winter has put us in an awkward position

YEARS of dancing down the wings could give Livingston footballers a head start on an unlikely new training regime.

For the Second Division boys are trying to beat the freeze by trading the old one-two for a bit of one-two-three, one-two-three.

Three feet of snow on the Almondvale pitch has driven them indoors - and a programme of dancing, pilates and yoga to keep them fit.

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From now on, a back pass might have a touch of the paso doble.

Maria Przybylska, who runs Danz Craze, said the club called her and her two teachers in to put the squad through their paces yesterday after the players had spent days snowed in.

It has proved such a success, the sessions are set to continue next year.

The 27-year-old said: "Dance is quite strenuous and it's just what they need to keep fit. It involves using a lot of muscles and in the end they were really pushing themselves and having fun at the same time.

"It's introducing them to a new adventure and giving them some co-ordination and technique."

After some initial messing around on the part of the team, Maria made it clear that "mat-based pilates and 'dancersize'" was not to be mocked.

Maria, who brought dance and pilates teachers Dawn Hobson, 24, and Sarah Marr, 20, with her to work on the team, said: "They did come in being lads and there were a few jokes on the exercises, but we cleared the air straight away.

"I did stress that my kids do behave better than them and after that they got the message."

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Maria added that some players took to the rhythm somewhat better than others.

She said: "David Sinclair's been really good, pushing himself a lot, and Robbie Winters was good as well."

Striker Winters, 36, said: "I have done it once or twice before, it's something I think helps your co-ordination.

"It wasn't really embarrassing, but I think in the morning we'll be a bit sore from using the different muscles."

Chairman Gordon MacDougall, who has already put the squad through a rigorous racketball session during the freeze, said: "There were a few laughs and a bit of embarrassment but they were great. I'm sure a few pictures in the paper will help them get over it."