Tragic toddler killed by her own teddy bear

A tragic toddler died in bed after being suffocated by her giant teddy bear.

18-month-old Connie Walsh was found with the 2ft cuddly toy over her face by devastated mum Dexy-Leigh last month, who has now spoken out to warn other parents of the potential dangers of leaving toys next to sleeping young children.

The distraught parent, from the Linlathen area of Dundee, said she was speaking out in the hope it will prevent others from making the same mistake.

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“It was the worst moment of my life. I don’t want any other parents to have to go through this agony,” she told the Scottish Sun.

Connie was found suffocated aged just 18 months

Dexy-Leigh explained that she had put Connie to sleep at their home with the 2ft bear wedged between her bed and a wall.m She had thought it was a safe way to stop the toddler falling out and getting injured.

But it’s believed Connie ended up under the furry toy as she slept and was smothered.

“I’ve been blaming myself since this happened,” she added. “I stuffed some teddies round the bed so that my wee girl wouldn’t fall and hurt herself — but it was the teddy that killed her.

“She must have wriggled in her sleep and the way she’s done it she’s wriggled backwards under the bum of the big teddy.

Connie was found suffocated aged just 18 months

“With how she ended up, there was no chance of her surviving.”

Connie was found dead on March 6 and laid to rest a fortnight later.

Police are still treating the death as unexplained, with further tests needed to establish an exact cause.

Following the tragedy the family moved out of their home as they couldn’t bear the agony, but have since returned.