Torture gang leader jailed over ordeal

A GANGLAND enforcer whose victim believed he was going to die during a torture ordeal has been jailed for six years.

Dean Buchanan, 33, was previously found guilty of endangering the life of rival gang member Mark Morris.

Mr Morris said he took out his false teeth and stashed them during the ordeal so the police would have a trail to follow when they found his dead body.

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Buchanan was found guilty of severely injuring Morris during the clash over £50,000 of drug money.

Mr Morris told how he feared for his life during an attack by “ten or 15 men” and took out his false teeth to hide them so police could track down his “killers”.

He identified Buchanan as the ringleader of the gang and said he had been run off the road at gunpoint before being set upon with metal poles, bricks, hammers and axes.

Buchanan, of Whitelaw Drive, Bathgate, was found guilty of driving into Mr Morris’ car and hitting him and the vehicle with bricks and metal poles before robbing him of his wedding ring.

Lord Kinclaven jailed Buchanan yesterday at the High Court in Glasgow.